Frustrated by the mix and match of features between bodies

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Re: Frustrated by the mix and match of features between bodies

So, I expect GFPs and WiFi should make it into the next round of rebels, i.e. the 700D, 70D etc., it just didn't happen yet on the 650D product cycle. Size of the electronics is probably not the issue, since these features are built into P&S cameras now. The main problem is probably the battery. The rebels have a LP-E8 7.2V 1120mA (440 shots), while the 6D has a 7.2v 1800mA (980 shots, but no data given when GPS is on), so a lot more charge.

The Rebel battery may not be strong enough to deliver the required mA if GPS is also on all the time. What might happen is that Canon has to change battery size to cope with the extra demands of GPS and WiFi. Alas, the rebels should stay small, while a new battery format could mean yet more increases in weight and size. And the size and weight of the rebels has already kept going up since the 550D. So, we'll see where Canon puts the balance.

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Battery size is a very good point. No doubt, GPS will eat battery life a great deal. The GP-E2 has a battery but man is it expensive. I may just buy it though ($242 at Amazon) and sell it after my trip.

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