Best (affordable) upgrade option for the Nikkor 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR kit lens?

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Re: When you shift the goal posts like that I guess

Shunda77 wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

Lol. Silly man.

You're the one that said 24mm wasn't useful enough over 28mm for landscapes my friend.

What does "useful enough over mean", and no, I didn't say any such thing.

You think MAYBE I've taken a few landscapes, in the 100,000 or so shots I've taken in the last 3 years? Maybe.

Not sure I follow you there.

If I want wide, I reach for my Tokina 12-24. I love wide. But it's not always my choice for a landscape. Here's the concept:

We aren't discussing ultra wide angle lenses, we are discussing the best all in one DX lens on a budget for nature/landscapes.

Correct, but YOU made the following statement:

"Shooting from a tripod after sunset when manual focus becomes important is extremely difficult with the 18-55 and it is just not wide enough for landscapes."

I then responded that 18mm IS plenty wide.  Good lord, this really isn't so hard to follow, man.

A really good landscape almost always has points of interest in 3 areas, the fore, mid, and background. Therefore, when you use an ultra-wide lens, you're going to make the perspective distortion a prominent factor (the foreground will look bigger, etc). I'm not saying that's not cool; it IS! So much that it's quite addictive. However, if one truly wants a REAL-looking landscape, you won't use a UWA lens. You WILL use a UWA if you want the effect.

I'm sorry, it looks like you have shot off onto a tangent that I'm not the least bit interested in following you on.

Lets start afresh.

So tell me again why the 16-85vr isn't a great walk around landscapes lens?

Never said it wasn't.

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