Anyone tried an Eye-fi card with his A57?

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Re: Anyone tried an Eye-fi card with his A57?

EdwinB wrote:

I have a small studio at home and want to show the pictures i take on my Ipad right away. It can be done , examples on the internet show it but i want to know if it is worth it.

If i shoot a photo how long does it take to transfer to the ipad ( jpeg only ), do you see only the latest taken photo or will small icons appear? Will it make a photoshoot more comfortable for me and my modell?

I use an 8Gb ProX2 eye-fi card in my A77, so I imagine it'd be identical in the A57,

I get 1MB/s in direct mode (direct to a tablet for example), so if only transferring JPEGs and you've turned off all the online upload options, a 5MB Jpeg takes 5 seconds..

You get small icons on the iOS and android apps.. e.g. shows the kind of app layout..

It's not a bad experience IMO, it certainly allows quick viewing of images in the studio, but you do need to understand how the card works.. for example, if the camera goes to sleep, the card' s wifi also turns off, and then when it wakes back up, the iPad has to reconnect to the card, which means you have to set the WiFi on the iPad to auto-connect and it can sometimes take 30 seconds-1minute before the iPad realises the card is there..

I tend to tell the camera to not sleep for 30 mins, and set the card to the same.. that works reliably when I have long sessions..

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