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Re: Returned the LX7

SammyToronto wrote:

It's a brilliant piece of engineering with a great lens, but I just couldn't get over its mediocre sensor performance and irritating idiosyncrasies such as the lens that retracts after a few seconds of viewing images (which you can't disable) and the lens cap which is so fiddly to handle, especially for those of us with large hands, that it seems to have been deliberately designed to frustrate customers! I tried to accept its shortcomings, especially since I got it for only $299, but I couldn't event at that price.

If the next version of the camera will have a better sensor and a proper mechanical lens cap (the aftermarket one for the LX7 makes it look like a fisher price toy!), I'll be the first in line to buy it since the rest of the camera is just about perfect. Till then, I'll be sticking to m4/3 cameras, of which I own 2.

A nice  JJC auto lens cap for $13 would have made the camera a joy to use.

Obviously, cameras with a 4/3rds sensor will have somewhat better IQ in most situations other than in ideal lighting conditions . This is something most of us already understood from the beginning.

I went from a dslr to the LX series and not once have I ever been under the illusion that the LX was anywhere near as good .That said, I am still thrilled with the images I`m getting with my LX7.

Now, you may be perfectly happy with both your m4/3 cameras but you won`t want to compare it`s smaller sensored IQ with those from an entry level dslr either.

And where can you find a f/1.4, 24-90mm lens for 4/3rds for $299. ?

It`s always been about compromises.

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