Hoping the RX1 does NOT become like Leica

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Re: Hoping the RX1 does NOT become like Leica

Docno wrote:

earful wrote:

Docno wrote:

earful wrote:

teseg wrote:

There have been some suggestions that the RX1 has some Leica qualities (smaller, FF, etc...). Now I am not a Leica connoisseur so hopped over to their forum just to see what the RX1 series might aspire to some day.

Here is the first thing I came across.

Here is a link of a photo (now page back after viewing to click the next link)


And here is a typical reaction from a forum participant:


To each their own... I'm just saying, it's not my style (and I'm sure the Leica owners of the world are happy I have this realization).

No ill intended, just found it quite interesting.

RX1 style:


are you assuming it's every leica owner's style?

Did you look at the other threads there?

are you asking me or the op?

You. Of course, one cannot apply a statement to ​every ​Leica owner, but there are an awful lot of threads in that forum where a nothing-special photo is heaped with pseudo-intellectual praise.

e.g., http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50603447 For which one person writes: "At the first glance the photo creates a dialectical opposition .... The tale of the "currency of heaven", as it were, goes well with Christmas. It’s up to our understanding and to our behavior whether Christmas is a self-rewarding time in which we bethink of what is really worthwhile in life."

When I saw the quote...At first glance...I knew immediately who wrote the post.  There are a few persons there that post pictures and spend the bulk of their time asking for opinions and then praising each other.

If you ever try to make a constructive comment you are simply ridiculed by the "clique".  You'll see the same persons putting up the same or similar stuff, falling over each other.

To see what people can do with their Leicas, you'll get a better idea over at the Leica International Forum, in the photo area.  Click the link and scroll down to the Photo area at the bottom.


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