New Sensor technology coming out in the next 18 months?

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Re: Bayer on the way out..

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Nothing funny about it quite obvious that sensor technology will develop further, and there are obvious limitations to bayer (AA filter, colour interpolation) nice for the time, but time moves forward

Maybe you missed the patents by various makers for these new sensors, it would be quite silly to ignore that.


I don't think its a good idea to "Ignore" new developments either.... BUT!

It doesn't do you much good to put faith in anything that's been developed so far, to replace the "Bayer array".

Sigma Foveons are "fun to play with" but they cant hold up against the performance almost every manufacturer gets from the Bayer Array, right now, real world.

Im pretty sure myself that when the "replacement" for the Bayer Sensor arrives, it will come from way out in "left field", from a company we never heard of.

My reasoning is as follows: Every major manufacturer of digital cameras has been looking for the "magic Bullet" and they haven't really come close to it.

Someone working in a different field will stumble on it.

If Im wrong, so be it... but I've been using digital cameras of most brands since they first became available, and I don't see the "magic bullet" coming real soon (maybe another half decade).

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