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Re: SunPak 6000PG tripod doesn't cut it

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My husband bought me a SunPak 600PG tripod for my birthday. It hasn't arrived yet. Wondering if he picked an OK model. Your thoughts?

I really hate to have to say this, but this is not a sturdy tripod and won't do well at all. Generally, if a tripod comes with the head on it, it's usually pretty flimsy. Also, other than very expensive video tripods, if a tripod comes with leg braces, it's usually pretty much a waste of time.

A half way decent support system is just like a camera system. You need to spend a little to get something that is safe for the camera and actually dampens vibrations. A cheap tripod can come down crashing with a child tripping over a leg or even in a good outdoor breeze helping to destroy good camera gear. The leg locks are often unsafe closing with the least pressure or just failing at the wrong time. A light weight beach ball can knock them down.

One of the worst traits of a cheapy tripod is that they just aren't steady enough. They don't dampen vibration and can actually be worse than a good hand holding technique. A gentle breeze can set up a vibration or you trying to steady it. Even camera mirror slap will cause problems. That Sunpak might be on the edge of ok for a small point and shoot, but I wouldn't trust my DSLR on it on a bet. Not a chance.

Many novice photographers, including me, seem to try this kind of support system and either get damaged gear or poor photos from them. I've got one or two cheapies in my attic right now. I hate to even give them away.

Some of us spend upwards of $1000 to over $2000 on a good support system but at those prices we're paying extra for light weight carbon fiber as well as a good sturdy tripod. I think a good beginner support system can be had for around $200 but no less. Something like a Manfrotto 190 XPROB with a Manfrotto 496RC2 ballhead might make a good starter. The legs are around $120 and that head is around $85. The QL Plates are around $18 for extras you'll need later. That would make a very minimal starter kit.

Those grip type heads are usually very flimsy and sink on you after you attach the camera. Even after adjustment, you just can't seem to get them to lock down well. Just look for a good standard ball head like the one I mentioned. It's sold separately from the tripod legs.

Like I mentioned, I'd rather see you hand holding or using a beanbag or similar than using a tripod like what Sunpack makes. Good luck and have fun.

I had planned to save and buy a Manfrotto, but my husband beat me to the punch.  I guess I'll try this one for awhile, and then let him know what I think about it.

Thanks for opinion.  I bet I might end up with a few cheaper tripods in my basement (sorry, don't have an attic).  Thanks

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Cheers, Craig
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