Olympus 45/1.8 & 60/2.8

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Re: Olympus 45/1.8 & 60/2.8

Interesting question!

I own a M-Summicron 2/50 which makes it a 2/100 on my E-PM2 - wonderful for all the portrait shots when I indulge in manually setting the focus and receive a perfect smooth result in the end. So I do not see a need for an (admittedly fast focussing) Olympus 1.8/45. Using an old 10 mm Leica extension tube in addition to the M/MFT-adapter, I even can focus as close as approx. 250 mm (do not ask me for the resulting magnification, please!).

So, 2.8/60 or 1.8/75? I put the Macro on my wishlist because I feel that using the aperture 1.8 on a 75 will give me too small a depth-of-field so that in a bright ambient light situation I would use an aperture of 2.8 for that purpose, anyway.

There is also an even more important argument for me pro the Macro:

I still own a lot of nostalgical, valuable-for-me 60x60 mm, 24x36 mm and old 110 (13x17 mm) slides and negatives which selectively I would like to see duplicated/converted into digital files one day. I started doing it using my E-PM2 and the kit zoom lens 14-42 plus a close-up lens with good results (format 110 slides' prints up to 100 x 150 mm with great satisfaction, given the problems involved). But I still had to do crops for the 110 format slides.

Thinking now of the Macro 2.8/60 I imagine it would be a joy to use it for this work because of the ease of use and the further improved quality. The magnification of 1:1 perfectly matches the needs of the 110 format.


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