So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Re: Buffer is not tiny

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Same slow write times, same tiny buffer

The SD-1 buffer is tiny.

The DP buffer is better, even though theoretically just one more shot. That shot helps a LOT. I almost never run into buffer limits shooting the DP cameras, but I have on the SD-1.

In practice it means two bracketed bursts and you still have the option of another shot before the buffer is filled, by that time enough writing maybe complete to get a few more.

, 50mm lens too short for portraits

I disagree, it's great length. Longer gets to be problematic in practice.

, 1/3 lifesize too small for macro.

I'll wait and see about that myself.

Not sure what it's for. Add a DP4 with a 70mm lens, a DP5 with a 100mm lens, a DP etc..., and at $1,000 per lens an all DP series collection starts to get expensive real fast. Thanks, but I'll just continue to wait for the (hopefully) new SDX.

An SD-1x is obviously more versatile, the DP-M series is not about versatility but about a fine photographic tool. It remains to be seen just what kind of tool the DP-3M will become as it is.

It really depends on what you're wanting it for. 90% of my work is done with the 70mm macro: pano stitching, portrait and macro, so a compact camera that could duplicate that would be ideal for me. And I've tried portraits with a 50mm lens on the 1.7x chip and found it too wide, so a 50mm lens on a 1.5x chip would be even worse, but then I like tight head shots.

I would also love a portable body that could do pano stitching work, which the 50mm lens would be OK for, but that requires a large buffer and fast processing times like the SD15 has and the DP3 doesn't. And 1/3 lifesize is borderline for much of my macro work, though I suppose a high quality close-up diopter would improve on that limitation.

So as a whole the DP3 has no use or value for my work, especially not at $1,000. But if it does for you then that's great.

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