Contrast, color and "look" ... 24-70 vs 24-120 f4?

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Re: Contrast, color and "look" ... 24-70 vs 24-120 f4?

:-)flbrit wrote:

If getting the shot is critical for you and if high quality at f2.8 is critical then have 2 bodies. One with 70-200 the other with 24-70. Compromise in the 70-120 range is not worth it.

On the other hand, if f4 or so and slightly lower contrast from the lens is acceptable and getting the shot is paramount, consider a 28-300.

A lot of 'sins' can be covered in post or camera settings if shooting jpg. I do not think a 'dramatic' shot will be ruined much by any choice of lens on your camera after sensible adjustments. How big will you print? Do you shoot 14 bit raw. Have you got good technique? These are more importent questions.

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great post, seriously,  but i still wouldn't shoot with the 28-300

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