X-e1 now or X-100s later?

Started Jan 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Charlesn Regular Member • Posts: 467
Why the dilemma??

If you don't need/want an interchangeable lens camera, and an effective 35mm focal length will serve your photography, your choice is easy: buy the X100s when it's released in March.

But if you do need/want interchangeable lenses, the X100s will not serve your purposes, so the real choice you face is whether to buy the X-E1 now, or wait for an "S" version of either that body or the XPro-1. (Considering that the X-E1 was just released a couple of months ago, I think we'll be seeing the XPro-1s a lot sooner.)

Looking at the feature set of the X100s vs. the XE-1, the only "difference that might make a difference" which I see is the PDAF on sensor, especially if you shoot a lot of moving subjects. Note that even Fuji marketing (at least what I've read) isn't saying that PDAF is going to help in low light, which is where the existing X camera AF systems are the weakest--the faster AF times they're giving are measured in good light, 10 EV. And, quite honestly, the existing AF on both the X100 and X-E1 works very well in good light, except for moving subjects. The comparison times for focus acquistion are .22 sec vs .08 sec -- meaningless if you're shooting a static subject, but potentially useful if the subject is moving.

As for manual focus, I'm very happy with its operation in the X-E1, and find it VASTLY more useful than MF in my X100, which I consider near useless.

Also keep in mind that Fuji has had a tendency to overpromise in its marketing, so I'll be curious to see how much the differences on paper of the new sensor/AF translate in real world use.

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