Strange color negatives among good ones

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Re: Strange color negatives among good ones

Dan Hudson wrote:

If I may continue this thread with another problem concerning film, here goes.....I don't seem to be able to get quality focused images at over 50% and they have considerable grain and other artifacts especially in the sky. I have tried several scanning ppi settings from 300 to 2400+ with adjustment for target size of the image, but with the same poor effects. I get bigger images, but not better. I thought I would get better enlargements from film than from my digital cameras. My scanner is an Epson Perfection V500 Photo. I do not use any scanner enhancement. My images are good in smaller sizes. Thanks for your continued help.

Yes, I have observed the same with my scanner (though not as good as yours). It claims a very high resolution (9600dpi), but at some point (from maybe 1200dpi on), it just didn't get any better, just a bigger file size. I decided to photograph my old slides, the Canon 550D (18 Mps) gives me sharper copies than the scanner.

There are of course two components that affect sharpness. If you see the film grain in your scans, then the film is limiting, if the scan is substantially more blurry than the negative, the scanner or the scanning process is limiting.

If you do see grains and artifacts in the sky, it is very likely blemishes in the film, that's normal. Negative film is usually not that high resolution compared to slide film (I used Kodakchrome 100, a thing of the past now). I think people use Fuji Velvia for highest resolution now. Maybe your scanner cannot retrieve more information, because there is not more in the original image. You would have to look at your negatives under the microscope, or make very high magnifications in the enlarger, and compare with the scanner result to see if there is a loss of resolution due to the scanning procedure.

PS: the reddish cast of the bridge looks just fine and normal to me for dusk. As others said, film doesn't adjust for changing white balance.

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