My Idealized Next DP-M

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Re: My Idealized Next DP-M

My first choice would be a body with the ability to swap lenses.  I'm still torn between the DP1m and DP2m focal lengths (even though I chose the DP2m).  I'd love to have one lens for each and swap it when needed.

I'd also love to see no banding and false color blotching at higher ISOs.  Honestly, I don't care about noise, the Sigma noise is very pleasant and film-like.  But I usually am getting pretty noticable banding from iso800+.  As it is, I'd use iso 1600-3200 if it wasn't for the banding and the green/magenta blobs.

A lens that started around f1.8 would really help with the high-iso limitations.  Even if it's a little soft wide open, they should be able to make it as sharp by F2.8 as the current lens is.

My ideal body though would be:

-Same body as now
-Fixed banding and blobs at iso1600-3200
-f1.8 lens as long as it matches current lens from f2.8+
-Changeable lenses OR limited zoom (maybe 28-50mm equivalent; maybe even something that clicks into 2 choices instead of zooming, meaning the lens would simply be a 28mm OR a 50mm but nothing in between in order to maintain the same high image quality.).

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