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Re: a different take

rattymouse wrote:

FUJIFILM sample images ALWAYS suck. They suck bad. For every camera they release, there is always a huge pause and bewilderment.

I do agree that the official sample images seem to provoke this reaction in this forum every time a new camera model is released.

However I see the images as attempting to show mood, atmosphere and a bit of 'romance'. I don't see, as some suggest, 'colour casts' as a camera fault but more of a creative choice. There are elements in many of the these images that are pure white/grey, so I don't see colours casts, I see 'ambiance'.

In fact, given the nature of lighting in some, the WB is arguably remarkably good, e.g. the subway station under what must be relatively poor artificial light. The model shots show what could be possible under available light too.

Perhaps the creative artistry of the photographers is lost on many contributors to this forum who might prefer some 'test shots', with resolution & colour charts so they can claim that 'mine is better than yours'.

Or perhaps some pristine studio shots would be better but then they would get accused of demonstrating limited 'pro' use and probably also tear them to shreds anyway.

I've usually enjoyed the photographs that you've posted here over many years Ratty, so I exclude you from the following remark, but since the X Series has become popular, the general standard of contributor's images posted here in this forum has been lacking. There are wonderful exceptions but the general standard has been lower than the DSLR era. I put it down to the type of users & forum contributors rather than a gear issue.

I would expect that the same people who are on this forum moaning that Fujifilm has failed to deliver with its latest gear or griping that the calibre of the sample images is poor, will soon be posting their own 'test shots' on this forum that will have nothing on these pro marketing shots.

So with respect to this forum it could be a marketing fail but I wonder what they need to do to satisfy the nit pickers on dpreview forums.

The quality of digital and the creative opportunities it affords are immense relative to film days. Fujifilm and other brands (I'm not a fanboy) continue to push the bar a little higher each time (usually).

Although I'm responding to your thread and comment Ratty I'm addressing a much wider audience when I say that wish people would take a reality check. Certainly fair criticism and suggestions for improvement have their place but these cameras are only just announced and they are already being vehemently dissected for their anticipated failings and the alleged marketing failings.

I wish I could afford some of these wonderful new camera offerings, but in the mean time I just plod on with my S5 and just enjoy photography.

Norman Young

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