RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range

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Re: RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range
besides no thinking photographer will ever need 10 stops , if he needs 20 stops he has stopped thinking.

I disagree. If you have a higher dynamic range, you can do hdr with 1 photo. That also means you have more flexibility when, for example, you have the sun against you.

Also, not all the pictures are done for aesthetic reasons. Some of us do technical images also. Some years ago, I was taking pictures of some scintillating crystals (they emit light when they receive some radioactive emission). To get an image from the light emitted with the crystals I needed a 30 minute exposure, in complete darkness. The other one was done with normal illumination, at about 1/100 sec. The lights from the crystals is so little, that in the picture you see no reflections of the light anywhere.

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