The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

Moti wrote:

LTZ470 wrote

Thanks Moti, I understand better now, so if the RX1 files are downsized to the same as the Fuji they would be even cleaner than the Fuji?

Of course, you can always reduce noise by downsampling an image, but then you loose some of the image size advantage the RX1 offers.

But what we are doing here is a bit of hair splitting. On the practical side, high ISO noise levels of these two cameras are already so good, that this will be the last thing I would compare if I have to choose between the two.



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Agreed Moti, the X100s does look like High ISO (Noise), AF, and Colors will all be improved on the X100s so it will be a great camera...price and built in VF are an advantage as well...still really like the size and also clean shots of the RX1, but I haven't used the Fuji, all the High ISO comparisons showed  to be very poor from the Fuji even ISO 1600, so it didn't look like a good choice, but then many folks kept saying the jpegs were excellent from it...

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