X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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Re: X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

Yes, prices in the UK are pretty low - but I think there will be a plateau below which the X100 will not fall, even on the used market. The new X100s may be a lot better as a general-purpose camera, due to the better (possibly) AF, but for architectural, landscape and (posed) portrait shooters, the X100 will still deliver the goods.

Personally, I bought the X100 when it was new, then returned it as I didn't think the flaws (before any of the SW updates) justified the cost. I now have a refurb from Fuji that I am much happier with - but I will be getting the X100s if the reality comes close to the hype (still worried about EVF lag).

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