which camera to buy 60D or 7D

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Re: which camera to buy 60D or 7D

Mikes comments are in line with my experience. You really only get more from the 7D when you're using L glass and chasing fast moving objects with the higher burst rate. I have both the 7D and 60D and often prefer the 60D for it's articulated screen and smaller size. The IQ is the same, perhaps the 60D slightly better so.

Both cameras are very reasonably priced right now since they are about to be discontinued soon. I suspect the 70D or the 7DII will have newer Digic processors and things like wifi or gps. If you don't desire those then you don't need to wait to buy. The 7D and 60D are about as low as they will go right now. Of course when the new models come out used prices will drop even more, but I suspect they production lines on 7D and 60D have already stopped.

p.s. since you already hacve a APS-C camera I would reallly recommend looking at the outgoing 5D2. It's really a bargain now and will soon be impossible to find used. In my opinion it's even a better camera than the 6D in some respects.

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