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Re: All DP cameras have focus limit option

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Unless of course it has some kind of a focus limit switch

All of the DP cameras have this option, turn on "AF Limit Mode" in the menus, then when switching between focus modes you have a third option - the "people/mountain" mode which does not focus closer than 3-4 meters or so.

Nope Sir. The focus limiter on the DP series (when the little mountain is on screen) limit the focus from 1 meter to infinity.

The activation of this mode do not need necessary to go in menu. Clicking the up arrow back pad once activate it. By clicking another time it activate the Manual Focus. On the DP3 an another option will be displayed in the same chain : MACRO.

To deactivate it you just need to click the back pad up arrow till you get back in normal mode (nothing concerning focus on the right of the screen).

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