Why no Olympus "pro" standard zoom

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Re: Why no Olympus "pro" standard zoom

acidic wrote:

Does anybody here think that Olympus will make a "pro" standard zoom lens? By "pro" I'm referring to something with a fixed aperture in the 12-35mm or 12-50mm range. Panasonic makes the 12-35/2.8, but it would be nice if there were another alternative (one without the OIS).

It would be interesting to see Olympus compete in this range. The Panasonic lenses are small and appear to be good optically but I would love to see Olympus put some of that magic sauce they've been using lately (12/45/60/75) in a set fixed aperture zooms. For me, I use an OM-D purely for reasons of size and weight so I wouldn't like to see lenses much bigger than the Panasonics. Which brings me to...

I see that Oly has a 14-35mm f/2 for Four-thirds; it would be nice if something like that was made available for Micro four thirds.

The Oly f/2 lenses -- while outstanding -- are absolute beasts. They are built to a rare standard but the f/2 specification makes them as big or bigger than their full-frame counterparts. I'd settle for f/2.8...or, as you noted, a redo of the 12-60 f/2.8-4, though by the specs that lens was not very small either. I have a feeling that we'll see some interesting things from Olympus this year, especially in regards to lenses. Oly's new primes have been wonderful and they are on a roll right now so lets hope their lens design team keeps the momentum going. The OM-D has also succeeded in bringing a lot of new users to the fold (*cough cough*) so I imagine Oly will want to provide as many pricey lenses and accessories as they can...

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