Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise....Nope.

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Olympus should implement decent auto-bracketing on their cameras via a firmware upgrade. This would be the easiest thing in the world to do. HDR can and does improve certain types of pictures. It is not a gimmick like "art filters" are. At a minimum, we should have 5-frame auto bracketing in 1/3- to 2-stop increments and be able to use it with the timer function. All it would take is a simple software tweak.

As for the rest of the ways M43 is "lagging behind," I don't buy it.

10 sec. in the menu. 2-7 pictures.

Thanks for that. I know the camera can do bracketing, but the only way I've found requires you to hold the shutter button down for the entire cycle, which creates shake/alignment problems. You should be able to use it with the timer and have it continuously cycle through all the brackets as fast as possible once the timer counts down. My old Canon S95 would do this.

Plus it shouldn't be buried in 10 seconds worth of menu shuffling. It should be accessible with one, maybe two, twirls of a knob or presses of a button. At a minimum, I should be able to set a MySet that will switch in and out of bracketing as the button is toggled.

My only disclaimer is that I could be wrong about all of this. The camera is complex. So please, please someone show me that bracketing is easy. You would make my day.

1) Don't waste an Fn button by affecting a bracketing setting to it : as you pointed the Fn button doesn't work like a toggle button. It is named a "quick Myset" by Olympus itself and, following that philosophy, only last as long as you hold the Fn button.

2) There are two ways to use bracketing without digging to deep in the menus. Both entails creating a Myset for bracketing : yes you have to use the menus, but the Mysets are standing at the top of them and don't imply deep menus diving. Each way has advantage and inconvenients.

3)  If you want more than three exposure bracketing and refectory aligned pictures, you need to put the camera on a tripod and to press the shutter release for each picture using the timer. But you can also use a shutter release cord or a wireless remote to trigger the shutter in continuous drive mode.

4) if you can satisfy yourself with only three exposures, then you can use ISO bracketing instead of EV bracketing : what you get in exchange are a single exposure with the processor calculating thexposures pictures using ISO gaAnd and, last but not least, perfectly aligned pictures even handheld. Of course, you have to set the smear at ISO 400, or you'd get two identical ISO 200 pictures.

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