So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Re: So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

Harold66 wrote:

Perfect for portraits Hardly

1/ First the 70mm focal length equivalent is a little bit on the short side ( a 80mm or 85mm would have interested a larger audience)

I disagree with this.  After having done a fair amount of model shooting, some studio and some outdoor, I find 24-70 is a great focal range for models.  I've used the 85mm because f/1.4, but it can require an awkward shooting position because of the length (think against the wall in studios or in the middle of the underbrush outdoors).

2/ The max aperture is a little bit too small. Probably imposed because of the macro design of the lens. while I am not one of those who think that a VERY large aperture is needed in a portrait lens ( like people demanding a 1.4 or less aperture) . but in this case a 2.0 max aperture would have been more appropriate for a portrait lens

I do agree with that, for portraits at least f/2.0 would have been really nice.

3/ Contrary to the competition all dp cameras allow only 3;2 ratio and do not allow one of the less oblong image ratios in cameras ( like 5;4 , 4/3 or even 1/1 square). in a camera that has no optical viewfinder it is very easy to implement

I personally prefer the longer aspect ratio.

the 3;2 ratio is not a very good ratio for portraits for most people ESPECIALLY when shooting verticals

Totally disagree, it just requires change of composition.

4/ and then first and foremost , there is no sign of an EVF for that model. it is easier to use LCD or external OVF on slightly wide to normal angle focal lengths

Hoodman loupe, Done.  Far better than an EVF (I know, I've just seen the best today that Sony has to offer).

How many serious photographers are going to be willing to work with the slow paced dp series and its other flaws and NO other way to compose the image than on the LCD

It doesn't matter as long as Sigma keeps making them.  Photographers are willing to go through a lot for a quality shot, the image lasts forever, any pain in making an image transient (unless you step off a ledge.  Don't do that).

despite what the press release claims , the dp3m is more a macro oriented camera than a portrait one

I think I agree with that, but it will still yield nice portraits.  Perhaps it could be said it's good for closer portrait work where you often want f/2.8 or more anyway.

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