So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Richard Franiec wrote:

I think that DP3M have to be considered in context of all 3 DPM versions.

If three cameras are needed to make the system, so be it. Three focal lengths cover popular focal length choices in rangefinder terms. Of course, unlike in case of interchangeable lens DSLR, there is no choice of telephoto or wide angle option, at least for now.

There is, it's called the SD-1M.

Buying into DPM system you are making a firm commitment to limit your options to a few fixed focal lengths lenses. You also have to buy 3 camera bodies, each with its own sensor. Even with simplistic approach to their cameras on Sigma part, they are still quite complex devices and something going wrong is multiplied by 3 (in current DPM line-up).

But you also decrease your chances of being without a camera by a substantial degree if anything does go wrong with one.  That is why I LOVE traveling with DP cameras and an SD-1 with a small selection of lenses.

Of course, ideal combination of particular sensor+lens cannot be underestimated. DP1M and especially DP2M show clear advantage over SD1 and corresponding lenses. I just don't understand idea of having flagship DSLR system under performing in comparison with its compact siblings.

I'm not really sure it does - between the 70mm, the 85mm and now the 35mm f/1.4 the SD-1M really doesn't under-perform.  Even the 8-16mm is pretty close to what you can do with the DP-1M, Sigma has an awesome 40x36" print (I think it's that large, larger than the 30x48" prints I have been doing) using the 8-16mm.  I can say it's awesome because even though it's my image they did all the work in conversion to B&W + printing and that's 90% of the battle.

Maybe when Sigma will perfect their DSLR lens line up to at least level of latest 30mm F1.4, each of DPM's can be considered as companion to SD1 or substitute for particular focal length.

Again, they have except for the very lowest end and the 8-16mm is only marginally less good than the DP-1M.

I think that the ideal DPM would be super high quality 2, 2.5X (optically stabilized) fixed zoom lens optimised to the sensor. It would provide enough coverage for typical wide/mid focal length application at not so great loos of quality of prime lens. I won't even touch interchangeable lens concept as this idea is not really popular here, yet top of the line M4/3rd cams are the proof of very good implementation and results.

Despite my disagreeing with the other things you said, I really agree with this statement.  The reason is that the DP-3M is again, a stellar lens/body combo - but It's not as compact as the other DP-M cameras.  So to my mind even though a DP-M zoom would have to be larger, it wouldn't matter so much now that we have one of the models that cannot be held in a pocket comfortably. So a zoom DP-M makes a ton of sense to me, far more sense than an ILC camera...

The only thing against a DP-ZooM would be, would people still purchase the fixed lens models if they could just reach for the lazy option of the zoom that would not be quite as good?  That would take away from the magic of the system I think.  So from that angle it may not be a good idea to "cheapen" the niche Sigma has taken over with a range of fixed-lens cameras.

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