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Re: I think it 's pretty good.

Joe Melillo wrote:

sj2 wrote:

I have been thinking of getting a NX. Like the lens line up but looks like the NX200 left much to be desired in the sensor department. Any idea if the NX300 has a much different sensor?

What makes you think so? I find that the sensor in the nx 1000 is excellent up to ISO 1600. I'm not measuring test patterns. I just know what I see.

The nx1000 sensor is not really able to compete with other modern APS-C sensors when it comes to DR (especially highlights, see also the nx200 review http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/samsungnx200/11 ).

Also ISO 1600+ IQ is a bit behind other sensors, however the results up to ISO 400 are great.

No big issue. Some reviewers mentioned that it makes sense to expose a little bit to the left to prevent blown highlights, which can happen quite easily on the NX200 (I assume it's the same on the NX1000).

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