Lumix FZ200 vs Entry-level DSLR

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Re: Lumix FZ200 vs Entry-level DSLR

Sorry to disagree with most everyone, but the FZ200 offers unmatched versatility and a wonderfully sharp lens.I've shot about 1000 photos with mine; and on a recent cruise to South America it proved more useful -- overall -- than my Olympus OM-D with 5 lenses and my Sony RX100.   I routinely make 13x19" prints with it and they are indistinguishable ( in real life - not in theory) from my shots from my other two cameras.  In shooting penguins from a blind about 50' away from their gathering place along the beach, only the FZ200 was able to shoot "head & shoulder" shots of individual penguins; and the f2.8 lens/ultra wide range of the FZ200 made it ideal for street shooting as well.  Once you get beyond about 100mm, there isn't any other $600 camera in the world of which I'm aware that has an f2.8 lens.  An ideal travel combo is the FZ200  for a "do everything camera" and the RX100 for situations in which you don't want to bring out a camera until you're ready to use it.  Frankly, for most hobbyists and travelers, I'd rate both of these higher than an entry-level Nikon or Canon.

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