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Dave, re Windows 101, eggplant soup

dave gaines wrote:


My wife makes great eggplant soup, from scratch of course.

Scratch an eggplant and find...more eggplant. To my mind, eggplant's greatest attribute and greatest drawback are the same -- that no matter the recipe or slathered condiment -- it remains undeniably, emphatically -- eggplant.

Did you plant those eggs on the window? Someone did not like the numbering?

No. This is an empty suite, one-third of a structure also housing Big 5 (sporting goods) and Office Max in a recent-built commercial mall. Empty buildings often are magnets for wrath/mischief. Maybe they look vulnerable? Next time not an egg, but a paving stone? Some malls seem driven (by internet commerce?) to the cusp of becoming architectural zombies.

The reflection tells me it may be hard for the window washer to get near these windows.

It's a Photoscape filter-induced reflection, so there's no access problem.

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