Memory Card Speed?

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Re: Memory Card Speed?

Very interesting information, thank you.

I do have a few other memory cards, 1 eyefi card, 1 older class 6 card, and they are both slower than the 16gb class 10 card.  They usually take about 20 seconds after shooting a RAW file.  I'll try to find someone with a newer card to test out.

I don't touch up my photos beyond just the normal RAW adjustments, so I usually have no problem with SPP.  But I do wish the WB and Color options were better implemented (no WB eye drop tool, no custom/kelvin mode).  And of course I wish it was faster, but it isn't bad on my newer computer. The x3 fill light is great though.  My biggest issue is just with color; getting rid of the green tint in underexposed areas, turning sunsets/sunlight from florescent yellow back to gold-yellow.  These are the main reasons I'm hoping Adobe will offer an update for the merrills.

Thanks again


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