The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

Moti wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Moti wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Am I missing something?...

Oh yes, you are missing few things.

First, I would take these comparisons with a pinch of salt because they are not accurate. If you use the DPR Studio Comparison tool, you'll be surprised to see that it is actually the RX1 that is a bit noisier at 3200, esp in the blue channel. So who is right?

Moreover, I have extensively tried out the XPRO-1 for two days, and without any comparison to any camera, ISO 3200 and 6400 results are nothing less than amazing any way you look at them so this is really a non issue. The X100s has the same sensor.

What you are also missing is a fantastic hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder and better AF performance - wet dreams for many RX1 users, plus some other goodies.

All this, combined with a better price tag, make the X100s a very serious competitor to the RX1 to every photographer who is looking for a high quality 35mm fixed lens camera, in a small package.


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I am still confused Moti, the Nex-6 is poor at best in lowlight and indoors AF...I bought one and shot it against my Nex-7 and RX1 and actually the RX1 did much better, same subjects indoors lowlight and even the Focus Peaking on the RX1 worked better....

So if the X100s has the same sensor as the Nex-6 or equivalent with PDAF, it won't be any better except in brighter light....and the High ISO the RX1 whens hands down from all the examples I have seen?

Explain the noise in the Blue Channel some more?...

I don't know much about the NEX6 and can't comment on it but if the X100s AF speed will be as announced, it will be very fast.

As for noise, here are the comparison made by DPR at ISO3200, 6400 and 12800. Judge it yourself.



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Thanks Moti, I understand better now, so if the RX1 files are downsized to the same as the Fuji they would be even cleaner than the Fuji?

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