What do you think about two different type (CF/xQD) (CF/SD) slots?

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Re: What do you think about two different type (CF/xQD) (CF/SD) slots?

digital ed wrote:

AustinTed wrote:

I read your post completely. eye-fi has an interference issue on the D800. Doesn't matter if it worked on the D7000. Doesn't matter if the router sees it. Change your channel to 11 and try again. Nuf said.

You are absolutely right. Set to 11 and it works properly but very slow with the D800 files.

I had my router set to 8 because that was an unused channel in my neighborhood. There is a neighbor also on chan 11 but the signal level should not hurt my connections. I have 6 devices running on my wifi and I will need to evaluate the received strength at each location compared to the strength of the neighbor.

Thanks for your help.

Cool. Glad it worked. I ended up setting up a separate router for this purpose. It's a small portable one that I just plug in when needed.   I also just transfer small basic jpegs, which is ok for what I need. Raw goes to cf and jpeg to sd.

I guess we're getting a bit off topic in this thread...

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