Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

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Re: Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

nrcole wrote:

Don't panic just yet. Are you sure you have it mounted properly? I'm not sure about Nikkor lenses, but with Canon FDs if you don't mount the lens properly the aperture blades will not move. Personally it was easy for me to make a mistake when I first started because you had to line up certain levers between the two and lock a ring on the adapter.
Anyone who specifically adapts Nikon lenses care to comment?

On a manual Nikon lens, the aperture should change when you turn the ring, when the lens is off the camera or mounted on an E-mount adapter.

Looking at the back of the lens, there is a little tag at about 2 o'clock which moves for the open/closed positions. This is held in the closed position by a spring. If the spring has failed, the lens could be open all the time. Try moving this tag. You want it in its clockwise position (as seen from back of lens).

As it never needs to be in the anti-clockwise position when on a NEX, you could jam it in the clockwise position with a little bit of card or plastic in the slot.

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