5D Mark III : Screen protector

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Re: 5D Mark III : Screen protector

I've had a 7D since it was launched (I worked at a camera store and grabbed the first one our entire chain received) and despite some pretty rough conditions, I don't have so much as a scratch on the screen.

It's true that replacing it would be more difficult than the plastic outer screens on lesser cameras (such as my 350D and 40D and all Canons older than the 7D), but this screen is made of very hard glass and is also quite thick. Any screen protector you put on there is going to be much weaker and thus not much help.

I really don't think it is necessary to place a protector on the screen, IMO all it does it make it harder to see and won't add much if any protection. That being said, everyone is allowed to do what they wish to their equipment.

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