SunPak 6000PG tripod

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: SunPak 6000PG tripod

Jasonsmom wrote:

My husband bought me a SunPak 600PG tripod for my birthday. It hasn't arrived yet. Wondering if he picked an OK model. Your thoughts?

It looks pretty good to me for a beginner (note: I didn't find 600 PG online, but did find the SunPak 6000PG, not sure if that was a typo).  I haven't used that kind of "pistol-grip ball head", but looks like it could work well.

I did a lot of research on tripods as a beginner, and I read a lot of advice about spending the money and buying a "good quality" tripod first, and don't waste your money on cheap products....

However............. I decided to purchase this Pearson model for ~ $70 (, which has been fantastic for my purposes.  It was very well rated on the BH Photo web site.  It also "pans" very fluidly (moves side to side) so can use for video as well.  Has held up well.

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