Wild Life Lens Question.

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Re: Wild Life Lens Question.

For BIF the 400/5.6 is the best option mainly because of it's focus speed. I had one for about 8 years and just sold it and my 500/4 is because BIF is a much smaller % of what I shoot these days and I wanted increased flexibility so I bought the 100-400 (again). It's slower to focus and not quite as sharp but the difference in sharpness is very minimal. BTW for birds I use the 7D and 1D2.

You mentioned the 300/4 IS which I also have and for BIF it's way too slow with a 1.4x, great for dragonflies and stuff that size though. For now I'll probably hang on the the 300/4 for close focus stuff because of the loss of focal length on the zoom at near minimum focus distance. I did a quick test to check my memory and you can see the results HERE on the 7D.

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