X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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Re: X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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The X100S' UK price is £1,099, due mid February.
Of course this price will drop considerably, just as the X100's did.

I'll believe it when I see it - as with the original launch, high demand shoved up prices.

In reality, the US $1300 should equate to about £800 ... so Fuji are still exacting a £300 UK premium at £1099. And the original X100 is still retailing for about 50% of that figure, so can't see it dropping much more ...

When x100 come out there was nothing like it. The demand was huge. Now with x100s it isn't so and I am not sure about any increased demand at all. In fact i think the x100s will simply quietly replace the x100 in stores - the demand for the X100s would be exactly as it is for x100 now.

I'm not so sure. A case could also be made that there will be a large number of current X100 owners that plan on upgrading and quite a few potential new owners who have been waiting for V2. The X100 has been out for awhile and a lot of people don't like buying a 2 year old or even 1 year old camera. All the press about the X100 and it's quirks/slow AF probably didn't help it's sales much either. Throw in SAB and even though X100 sales were very good, I think the X100s may be even better.

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