You wanted to see a quick Olympus E-5 vs Nikon D800 comparison? Here it is.

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Re: On fantasy frolics, and measurbating ...

John King wrote:


I wasn't referring to you in particular. Judging from your reaction, it appears that you think I was. Is there a reason for that? Need I mention motorcycles?

John,feel free to post whatever you wish, you might want to check with the OP before jumping in though.

There are plenty of posters in this thread to whom my comments definitely apply.
If you are volunteering your name for that list, so be it.

As I mentioned I responded specifically to  the points made about the body and lens I own ( which does seem on topic)

Personally, I think that the D800/800E are probably excellent cameras. They ought to be for around double or more the price of an E-5 here in Oz ($3,419/$3,689 for the Nikons, body only).

There is no need for probably John every single review site on the net has sung the praises of the image quality of the D800 and it would be an expensive jaunt to MF digital to achieve better results. The E 5 came out in 2010 at a price of  £1500 here its price has dropped due to its age  . Just as that of the D800 will it has  already settled down to £1900 or so. Though you can significantly improve your sensor performance by moving from the E5 to the very cheap D5100 for an absolute bargain price.

However, I am far more interested in Marin's practical comments as the owner of both cameras than I am in the measurbating comments of serial trolls who have never owned either a Nikon or an Olympus camera of any description in either case.

Marin has a history of posting skewed tests with his E-5 and FF models always done in an attempt to make the E-5  look better , a major crowd pleaser no doubt..  Just as he has done here by attempting to hide the very real resoloution advantage by downsizing the D800 file and thus throwing away detail . Though as I said above you would have to be rather  optimistic to assume a FT sensor that has been around since 2009 , would be competitive with a FF  sensor from 2012  , a FF sensor considered by many reputable sources as delivering the best image quality ever.  The D800 has a full 4 stops DR over the  E5 at base, more than 2 stops noise advantage ,better tonality and better colour sensitivity. All these are easily substantiated facts and the demand for a new sensor here reflects the performance of the E5 . None of this changes the fact that the E-5  is and has been a great camera, with     excellent build quality, good ergonomics and fine feature set  but times move on.

When you appear to side with these people, you get tarred with the same brush as they are; and taint your credibility thereby. I would have thought that you would have worked that out for yourself by now ...

John, I sided with no one I posted my opinion on equipment which I own and provided links that support my post. Though you are right there are no shortage of posters in the thread who do not own any of the equipment being mentioned . If you think that should stop them from posting that is your perogative. Sadly owning all the wide range of equipment being mentioned  in a given forum would be a prohibitively expensive endeavour , which is why we all to a greater or lesser extent rely on the tests and reviews of the professional reviews sites.  I am pretty certain you comment regularly on Olympus equipment which you do not own, unless you are very financially well off , I doubt that any of us own all the gear produced by our chosen company/ companies.

I have recently sold off the gear I didn't get enough use out of and refined my system , which consists of NIkon FF cameras, NIkon lenses , one Sigma lens the new 35mm F1.4 an amazing performer for the money, Panasonic bodies, Panasonic lenses , and of course OLympus lenses. I consider this gear to be one beautiful system  and I am able to cover all the gear that I need with no redundancy , saving a good few bob . The mFT gear is by far the most fun to use .


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