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The HG lens lineup alone...

Is incentive enough to create a viable AF solution on m43rds bodies... If anyone thinks a fast, HQ zoom like the 50-200 will be significantly smaller for mirrorless while retaining the IQ and Aperture values then they are kidding themselves...

It would be much simpler to solve the AF, (like Fuji, Sony, Nikon etc) and start selling 12-60's and 50-200's for a year or two or until stocks run out. In the meantime start developing your mark11 versions for around a the 5 year mark as upgrades... There are other benefits to the PDAF issue like improved CAF or even better focus during video (lose the initial wobble and move straight to the focus point)...

Well, lets see what happens. Personally I think there is a lot of room in the $1500 - $1700 pricepoint for a very compelling camera considering the OMD body started at $1000.


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