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Dr. Lecter

I personally wouldn't consider the heavier though excellent SHG lenses for use on a mFT body ( pro designation or not) however , I hope to pick up a 50-200 SWD lens as it is very good for the range it covers and not too large. I have been getting a bit more serious about my mFT gear with 2 GH3,s , 12-35 ,35-100 , 100-300, 25mm, 60mm macro and the 45mm f1.8 ( that is a lens with a lot of bang for the buck )while none of them are as excellent as their FT alternatives. The performance is not to shabby at all and for a fraction of the weight. I am intrigued with the possibility of a genuine high end body from Olympus. The O-MD is a great featured model , it's only major issue for me is it is a bit too small and fiddly.

I was seriously tempted by the E-M5 the only things putting me off are the already mentioned size/ fiddly controls and the less advanced video than the GH3 . A pro level body with the next generation 5axis IS, new EVF, etc would be an excellent platform for many shooters. I do not own any FT lenses having replaced them ,with the mFT alternatives. However if you do and are happy with the size and weight I would not be selling them, as considering that other companies have at least partial solutions to the AF problems ( I have used large FF Nikon lenses on a mates V1 with surprisingly quick results) , I don't see why Olympus will not be able to do at least as well.

For just about every feature other than C-AF the top mFT bodies ( GH3/E-M5) easily compete with the best DSLR.s for a fraction of the weight. I bought the D800 last year and I am delighted with it , though I do not see myself buying a DSLR again .As by the time the D800 becomes redundant I fully expect that mirrorless will be the norm in all formats. So unless you have a very pressing need I wouldn't be in any rush to change to another DSLR range as I feel no matter where you go , eventually mirrorless will win out. The only real weaknesses in current mirrorless cameras are the C-AF which is already being tackled a few different ways and EVF quality which is steadily evolving, I think we are only a generation or two away from these two factors being irrelevant.


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