Q + 01 with Pentax AF-160 FC ring flash

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Re: Q + 01 with Pentax AF-160 FC ring flash

Rosember wrote:

GXRuser wrote:

why can't the ring flash be fitted to the 40.5 mm filter thread with an adapter ring?

Because of three reasons:

1. There is no suiting adapter ring included with the flash. I would have to by one. But

2. as you can see from this product shot

the battery and electronics compartment of the flash overlaps the camera quite a bit. With the tiny Q and its tiny lenses this compartment and the ring would collide.

3. The flash need some working distance to be able to light the scene. To be honest, the AF-160 can't be used with the DA 35 Limited Macro due to this - at least not if you intend to shoot 1:1 macros (i.e., with the ring on the lens). The distance between subject and the front of the lens (= position of the ring) is too short. Your subject partly won't be in the light cone of the flash.

love this picture...



I think many macro light setups were best setup and used with longer focal lengths.

Olympus' were best used with their 80mm, 90mm, and 135mm macro lenses

maybe the pentax should be used with their 100mm macro lens?

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