DP3 Merrill leaked

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Re: DP3 Merrill leaked

Harold66 wrote:

Zhaopian wrote:

Leica has always had 75 mm lenses. Voigtlander has made a couple of good ones as well. Admittedly they are not common for SLRs, but that is their loss. 75 mm is a great landscape lens.

well I think that for most people a 75mm lens will not primarily be a landscape lens

I know the 3:2 format is a bugbear of yours, but you are clearly in the minority.

Yes , that is true . BUT almost any high end mirorless offers optional ratios

I also would like to add that while I get contracticted many times on this point , I have seen VERY few people posting portraits in that 3;2 ratio

Some people on these forums are keen to let me know that this is not a big deal and yet most of their images ( if not all of them) shot in vertical orientation in a camera with a 3;2 native ratio are cropped to a less oblong shape

You may find this strange, Harold, but I agree with you. The 3:2 format is horrible for portrait work - and so is FF. But we Sigma users seem to be stuck with it as I can't see the new Foveon sensor changing shape any time soon - although I guess it's possible to crop it in camera like others camera makers do. But... as I said - at least with the new 46MP sensor - we can crop without losing too much detail.

Personally, I would prefer a square format alternative, but I can’t see that happening.

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