The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: RX1+EVF = X100S

gl2k wrote:

Of course high ISO image quality is inferior on the Fuji but otherwise one has to be the ultimate mindless FF fanboy to leave out the Fuji when considering buying such kinda camera.

If the new AF on the X100S is indeed that great RX1 is pretty close to dead meat.

Fuji X100 = € 840

Sony RX1 = € 3100 + € 400 (EVF)

"such kinda camera" - what do you mean?

If you look for a camera under 1000 Euro then the RX1 is not for you.

If you look for a camera with FF sensor then the X100S is not for you.

Honestly, I don't care, i most likely won't buy an RX1 or a X100S. But why do you think the X100S would kill the RX1? Makes no sense to me. There are already quite a number of cameras around $1000 that have APS-C or M4/3 sensors and are very good, not to speak about FF DSLR's that are in the same price range as the RX1. Still it seems it is selling, and as far as i can tell one of the reasons is that the IQ is quite significantly better than on APS-C cameras. I predict that the X100S is close in IQ to the NEX6. Sure the NEX6 is not a fixed lense camera but put a 35mm lens on it and never change and you are pretty close. The rest are user preferences (some will like the controls of the Fuji better, some on the Sony).

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