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dingenus wrote:

...and a rebate on the mmf2 I can't deny that it smells to me as a promotion/reintroduction of the 4/3 lenses and a bargain sale/closeout of the mmf2 before the new AF mmf3 will be introduced later this year.

IMHO, the system is not dead but awakening from a heavy operation to conserve one of the best lenssystems in the world.

Alas, this is a wrong reading:

- The MMF-2 was an inexpensive (plastic used wherever possible) version of the MMF-1 (metal all around) which was released back when Olympus didn't have an m43 version of the 40-150mm lens, so they were selling a 4/3 40-150mm + MMF-2 bundle for $199 (which was the price of the lens alone).

- The MMF-3 was released almost an year ago with the OM-D, and all it does is to add two O-rings for weatherproofing. It weights the same as the MMF-2 otherwise, has the same flimsy looking (at first glance) construction, but it seems to contain a fair amount of titanium allows (ran it through our analyzer at work), so it might actually be quite different from the MMF-2.

In any case, there is no AF enhancement whatsoever between an MMF-2 and an MMF-3

- Last but not least - the prices on Oly's website are the standard MSRP prices for these adapters. I don't see any rebates in these prices.

As for the speculations about whether there will be a new DSLR or an "enhanced" m43 camera body to deal with the 4/3 lenses - I will avoid stepping there, as such discussions never end well.

Let's say that my very personal $0.02 on the subject is that an otherwise unchanged E-5 with a newer sensor will be a tough sell at the usual E-5 price, no matter how much we want it. The E-3/E-5 "barebone hardware kit" is simply pretty expensive to build, especially the viewfinder which is a pretty expensive gem. So this camera can not be made inexpensive. Keeping the same (now 6 years old) AF module, no matter how well it works, is also something which a Japanese company might be reluctant to do. And going the way of a new AF module, for a camera which has a pretty specific (and unfortunately probably shrinking) user base might be not very well looked at by the bean counters.

Keep in mind that every single bell and whistle on a top of the line m43 camera body currently pays for itself as it eventually goes down to the lower models down the line. This will not be the case for a dslr, unless they decide to reintroduce a whole new line of dslrs, which I an not optimist enough to speculate about.

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