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Re: Why print at all?

DMillier wrote:

How do you compare different size files at 100%?

How? I look at crops as-shot on a screen at 100% with minimal processing.

Compare a SD1 to a D800 at 100% and the SD1 will look much better.

Resample each file to an equal size (let me pick one randomly: 12000px wide) and the D800 will look better.

The only meaningful way to compare files with different pixel counts is by resizing to a common size (print or onscreen) - unless your measure of "goodness" is restricted purely to 100% pixel peeping (which seems a bit pointless as a 2MP file will nice fill a HD monitor).

I'm not sure why that was written in such a snidely style because that's exactly what I do - so forgive me if I find the statement offensive. It may come as great shock, but some people never print anything. Here in the 21st. Century, they view stuff on HD TV, Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, 16:9 monitors to the point where one could say that printing on paper is going the same way as shooting on film. I myself shoot watches, properly framed within a 1134x756px LO-res SD10 sensor-binned image, crop, and publish full-size, usually around 640x512px.

But, again and again in posts everywhere, the comparison between captured images from two different cameras becomes one of re-sampling and of other post-processing, and even of two different Editors and/or RAW converters. Like SPP vs. LR or whatever.

IMHO, any processing or re-sampling changes the quality of an image, period. Any difference in the processing or re-sampling method diminishes the value of any comparison, period.

So, I'm beginning to realize that, in this thread, the end result- a large print - is what's being discussed, which is admittedly difficult to comprehend for one who never prints anything

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