You need great technique for 5D MKIII ?

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You need 1 finger...

You need the money to buy one and one finger to press the shutter release, that's all!

You can make use of very few or very many of the features, and you can learn to use the ones you're not used to.  The questions could be do you want to progress and try more technique, are you happy with what you do already, have you the cash...?

If you use a 5D3 on all auto, it will make many cringe, but you will get some great shots

*ianbrown wrote:

I am close to pulling the trigger on the 5D MKIII but I guess the main benefit over the 6D is the much improved AF.

However how good does your technique need to be?

I would mainly benefit this when shooting wildlife, as I don't do sport etc.

Should be better for tracking moving beasts and birds

can any users of the 5D MKIII advise how good your technique needs to be as there is no point having all the AF points only for your images to be OOF.

You need better technique if you have less or not so good AF points

Or is it a case of the AF points make it much easier to get focus even if you are not proficient in AF tracking etc?

Usually, as long as the background doesn't grab the focus.  Great for BIFs.

Also would you say this is the only reason I should consider the 5D MKIII to be better than the 6D?

in the UK the 5D MKIII is £700 more than the 6D



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