Wild Life Lens Question.

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For birds...

SpartanWarrior wrote:

Ok thanks, but what about the CANON EF 300MM F4.0 L IS USM? it is the same price as the 400 5.6.

The 400 is a much better choice for birds IMHO.  Besides greater reach, it focuses a bit faster and more accurately (important for BIFs especially), and is much more flare (and veiling glare) resistant than the 300.  Put a 1.4x on the 300 and the difference is even more pronounced.  Bare, the two lenses are about the same in sharpness wide open.

In lower light, the 300's extra stop really helps though (as well as the IS), and it's an excellent Zoo/Park lens; and as has been mentioned it's great at butterflies and dragonflies (hummers too).

But whenever I know I'm going for birds, I reach for the 400 first every time.

Samples from both lenses in my galleries...


View images at "Original" size for best viewing.

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