Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

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Re: Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

santiclaws wrote:

coreyinoz wrote:

Hi Guys,

Sorry to re-bump my thread, but I received the adapter today and have another question.

Contrary to described above, the aperture ring on the lens doesn't seem to affect what's shown in the viewfinder - and doesn't affect the pictures either. It appears that the lens shoots wide open no matter what.

I guess this means either a) user error, or b) lens is busted.

So I can rule out a), is there any room for error when snapping this all together? It seems pretty straight forward, but I figured I should ask before resigning this lens to permanent 1.8 status.


Look through the lens. When you adjust the aperture ring, do the blades actually move? You should have a big circle at the widest aperture (1.8) and a tiny circle at the other extreme. If that is not happening, you have a problem with the lens.

As he says, if you are turning the aperture ring and not seeing the blades "stop down" or "stop up", then you've got sticky aperture blades or a worse issue to work on

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