Wild Life Lens Question.

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Re: Wild Life Lens Question.

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CameraCarl wrote:

Arthur Morris, bird photography expert and long time Canon shooter, appears to be selling his 100-400 because he is happy to use his 70-200 f2.8 II with the new 2X III extender. It seems you have both of these, so give them a try. I would not buy either the 100-400 or the 400 for bird photography since you can get to 400mm with good equipment on hand. What you really need if you are serious about bird photography is the 500 or 600mm lens. It is a lot of money, but is probably a better investment than a new camera body and a lens that doesn't have the necessary reach.

A 500-600mm lens from what i see is 10-12 grand yikes i think i want to stay married for now lol.

Buy one of those and you could dual name it the Wild Life / Wild Wife Lens !!!!!! I'm pretty sure thats what would happen to me if I did the same


Lol so true;)

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