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howardfuhrman wrote:

Based on replies to this thread, most responses say they are satisfied with their X100 and will be standing pat. From what I have read about the X100S it appears as if X100S is a significant evolutionary improvement over the already excellent X100. I have been looking at the X100 for awhile but think if the X100S does all the things that Fuji claims it does, the X100S is probably worth the premium over the soon to be discontinued X100. The X100S appears to be excellent, but better camera that is replacing an already excellent camera.

Well do we trust the numbers? Fuji says the x100s is able to focus in 0.08s. But even old x100 or xpro1 according to fuji numbers focuses in just a blink of an eye. Under ideal situation that is. Under real condition it is an order of magnitude different. And that is not exaggeration.

x100/xpro1 may in below average conditions hunt for a focus and throw focus error in some cases and suddenly it is not 0.125s but it may be even 3 seconds with all the reframing and trying again.

The 0.08s focus of x100s is just plainly ridiculous and on paper it looks like the fastest camera ever created, but that means nothing if it slows down in average and below average conditions like the predecessors likes to do. On paper they are also extremely fast...

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