Native X UWA Lenses and Flange focal distance

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Simple production problems

The 14mm should be out in a few weeks. It has been delayed by the nunber of 18-55 orders, which has been higher than forecasted. It must not surprise: after years hearing from industry sources that zooms are the rule, and fixed focals the exception, many X-Pro users rushed to the shop atthe announcement of the lens.

As far as lens design is concerned, all X series lenses are tuned for the sensor, so there should be never a need for special tricks on the border of the sensor. That is why the 35mm (and the zoom, they tell me) are so good, and the 18 so compact. The trick is to start the design with a last element, the one near the sensor, of a size similar to the sensor itself, so the angle of incidence of the light path is quite perpendicular. The 14 should be better corrected than the 18 for linear distortion, that's what Fuji sources say. That will make it bigger than what it could have been if it was software corrected, as the 18 (and most m4/3 lenses) is/are. But I think the design was finalized a while ago, and the lens should not be  late.

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