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BobSC wrote:

Jasonsmom wrote:

Beginner here. Wondering which prime lens would be good choice for 1st. Want something for travel photos.

How's the camera going? Assume you're having lot's of fun with it.

For travel most people recommend zooms. I have the Nikon 18-105, which I got refurbished from KEH for a little over $200.

Many people recommend the 35/1.8, because it's inexpensive and sharp. I don't have a 35, but I have a 50/1.4. I find it really useful. I also have a 24/2.8. I got it specifically for my job, which requires driving around and photographing buildings. The 24 is perfect for that, and it's a good lens besides.

What you can do is look at your photos and view the EXIF data to see what focal lengths you use most often. If you use 50-55 a lot, then go for a 50. If you're at 55 and need to crop, then maybe the 85/1.8. If you're at 18 all the time, then none of the lenses I mentioned will do much for you, and you might want a superwide zoom.

I am having sooo much fun with it.  Find that I shake more than I thought.  My husband bought me a tripod for my birthday, but it hasn't got here yet.  It's a Sunpak 6000PG, thought I'd ask on here about that.

Thanks for the advice at looking at what focal length I'm using most.  That sounds like a very smart way to go about it.   Thanks

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