Electronic Global Shutter and 16-bit RAW

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SteveL54 wrote:

SixteenBit wrote:

Sony F55 -> electronic global shutter, 16-bit Linear RAW, 14 stops of exposure latitude


With super fast and quiet electronic global shutter with high speed flash sync (at full power), something like 20fps at full resolution RAW stills could be done. Wishing to see those specs in DSLR too except more dynamic range. New Red's Dragon sensor initially shows at least 18 stops of native dynamic range, very impressive !!


I'd like to have a DSLR with a global electronic shutter and 14 stops of exposure lattitude! There are situations where I miss the flash synchronization capability of my old D70, but it's dynamic range is poor by today's standards.


Let us not forget the late, great D40's electronic shutter and flash sync capabilities.  My D40 cold sync faster than my triggers could support!

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